Friday, March 29, 2013

Hollywood Loft Inspiration

This was one of my favorite shoots to date.  I really love collaborating with everyone on this one!
It was recently featured on Green Wedding Shoes...with a TON of floral photos....I was besides myself!!!  Click HERE to see more on GWS!
The flowers this time of year have are magnificent!  I adore rich, bold colors and love the 'foodie' thing that often pops up in my work. 
The flower selections....ranunculus, anemone, ocean song roses, parrot and double tulips, lilac, hellebore, dahlias, clematis.
Filler consisted of....astrantia, pieris, lilac, immature raspberries.  And my favorite, the foliage....passion vine, olive, calathea, rex begonia, camellia, snow pea.
'plants' and hanging greenery....umbrella fern, asparagus deflexa and acacia pendula.
Lovely containers....urn from Campo de Fiore, rustic terracotta and bud vases from Accent Decor, votives from Roost.  All other vintages smalls and furniture pieces from the amazing inventory at Found Vintage Rentals.....wire baskets, baskets, metal pot, mini terracotta, chairs, tables, benches, dress form, coat rack and much more!  And, the images by Mike Radford....are to die for!!!


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